Follow My Simple Formula to Start Making $10, $25, $50 or Even $100+ a Day Selling Print On Demand Notebooks and Low Content Books on Amazon.

Discover how I've generated over $20,000 in earnings and sold more than 10,000+ books in less than a year on Amazon -- with NO programming, design, content writing or tech skills required.


The Only 3 Reasons You Need to Join
Print on Demand Academy and Have
a Low Content POD Business of Your Own

Books Sell Like Crazy

Low Content Books are a HUGE seller on Amazon. They are also easy to create and require little-to-no writing or content. Even better, low content books is just the beginning of your journey.

Amazing Opportunity

Amazon is the fastest growing and largest store in the world today. Discover how to create books for Amazon and sell to the world. Best of all, Amazon handles all of the printing, selling and shipping.

No Tech Skills Required

Unlike other web businesses, there are no technical or design skills needed to find success with print on demand. We show you how to get started and it's easy enough for a kid to follow.


With more than 20 years of experience in the world of online marketing and business, I've seen it all. However, selling low content books on Amazon is one of the best ways for someone to start a business, without the need for a business loan, start up money, a ton of time, and to master the art of social media marketing, SEO, websites and blogging.

The focus of Print on Demand Academy is to help students understand the business of print on demand, while also providing them with the tools and resources to have a business that keeps growing over time. Not only are students given the guidance and tools they need for success, they also get to follow along on my own Amazon KDP jouney as well.

View the chart to the right to see our month over month revenue growth. This isn't just what we preach and teach, it's what we live in our own business as well.

If you love stats and waking up to new sales every day, you will love this course and what it has to offer.


Print on Demand Academy isn't just a one-time course that you access and are done with. Instead, it's a full service community that offers the guidance, tools, resources and courses required to find the success you are looking for.

As a member of POD Academy, you will have access to the following:

Amazon KDP 101

Everything you need to get up and running with your own print on demand and low content book business with Amazon KDP. We've made it so easy, a kid can do it.
-- Currently Live


Canva Design

Forget paid software and hiring designers. Discover how to make amazing covers and interiors within Canva. This is the same software we've used to create 1,000s of books.
-- Launching in Feb 2020

Amazon Ads 101

Want to increase your reach and sales at a faster pace? Get listed at the top of Amazon search pages with their own advertising platform. We show you how easy it is.
-- Now Live!

Your Book Brand

Don't just make books, make a brand! Expand your reach by building out your own book brand with a domain, websites and email list. Copy our simple formula step by step.
-- Launching in Feb 2020

Interiors and Art

In addition to creating and selling our own books, we are providing POD Academy members our own private collection of new art work, custom images and book interiors every month.
-- Launching in Feb 2020

Coloring Books 101

Coloring books are some of the biggest sellers on Amazon. Discover how to start making coloring books of your own, and doubling your sales, while also having to never draw any of your own art.
-- Now Live!

POD All Stars

Experiencing the Print on Demand Academy courses and community is great, but hearing from other experts is even better. Learn from the experts in our new interview series coming soon.
-- Live in Early 2020

Facebook Group

Our Private Facebook group for POD Academy members only. Ask questions, get guidance and come up with new ideas. Grow your business while connecting with other members.
-- Currently Live

Stop WISHING and Start DOING!

Millions of people "want" to make money online or be their own boss. But most people aren't willing to take the leap. Don't be "most people".

New to Amazon KDP?
No Problem... It's Easy!

Let's break it down for you in three simple steps.

1 - Create Your Book in Canva

The first step in the process is to come up with a book idea, and then designing and interior and cover. This is super easy and we show you exactly how.

2 - Submit Book Details Amazon

Next, it's time to fill in all of your book details, such as title, subtite, a description, keywords, and a few other book settings (ie: size, paper format, and price).

3 - Book is Live and Ready to Sell!

Then the excitement happens. Once approved by Amazon, your book will go live on their site and you can start seeing sales right away.

Best of all, Amazon handles everything in the ordering, printing, shipping and fulfiment process! 

Amazon Net Sales in 2018 = $232 BILLION

Did you know that each month more than 197 million people around the world get on their devices and visit It's true, and growing yearly.
How could you not want to get in on a peice of this action?

Ten Statistics and No-Brainer Reasons Why You Need to Start Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon doesn't mean you need to have a warehouse full of physical products. However, it does mean that everyone is heading to Amazon to buy everything -- which ultimately leads to more sales for your POD book business.

1) Amazon is the Leader of Everything!

Amazon heads the ranking of the most popular shopping apps in the United States with 145.2 million mobile users accessing the Amazon app in March 2019. (Statista, 2019)

2) Customers Trust and Love Amazon

89% of buyers agree that they are more likely to buy products from Amazon than other ecommerce sites. (Feedvisor, 2019)

3) More than 100 Million Prime Customers

There were an estimated 103 million U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers, up from 95 million in June 2018. (Statista, 2019)

4) People go to Amazon to Buy Everything has a total of 119,928,851 products as of April 2019. (Scrapehero, 2019)

5) 100+ Million Product Sales on Prime Day

Shoppers purchased more than 100 million products during the Amazon Prime day in 2018. (CNBC, 2018)

6) Small Business Make Big Money with Amazon

On average, small and medium-sized businesses located in the US sell more than 4000 items per minute on Amazon. (Amazon, 2019)

Amazon has more than 2.5 million sellers currently active selling on their marketplace. (Marketplacepulse, 2019)

7) When in Doubt... Head to Amazon

23% of online shoppers go first on Amazon for inspiration when they don't have a specific product in mind for purchase (Episerver, 2019)

In summary... with everyone buying on Amazon for everything, this is the PERFECT business opportunity to start selling your own POD books to millions of people around the world. And it's all possible with no out of pocket advertising costs or technical design skills or programming.

Enough, I Can't Wait. Let me in!

How Much Can You Make with Print On Demand and Amazon?

When you have digital and print on demand products for sale on the biggest ecommerce site in the world, sales happen. And during holidays, they happen even faster! Seeing $100+ days from your sales doesn't have to be a dream. It can be a reality.

Click Here to Discover How

"I've been trying to make money with blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing for years now. Needless to say, it's been quite frustrating and hasn't delivered the results I was looking for. I knew people were making money with Amazon, but I just didn't know how to get started. After making the investment in PODAcademy, I was genuinely surprised at how simple and effective the step-by-step process has been -- while also not needing to have any design or marketing skills. Three months in and I'm already seeing higher sales month over month. Thanks for the push in the right direction!"

Jamison Thurgood
Stay at Home Dad, Turned Entreprenur

Hi, I'm Zac Johnson, and I would love for you to join Print on Demand Academy!

With more than 20 years of internet marketing experience, business, and success, I know what it takes to create a successful business and brand online.

That is exactly why I created Print on Demand Academy. I wanted to create a solution for ANYONE to start making money online, while not needing to have any experience with SEO and online marketing, or even any technical or design skills.

Several months later, and that's exactly what we accomplished!

Join today and let's see what's possible.



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